Taken - and they slept

How can you tell if it's too early to sleep with a man? And what can you do if you've ALREADY been physical... and now he has stopped calling for no apparent reason whatsoever?

But on the rare occasion I am forced to give someone a number, I typically round down. And according to studies, I'm not the only one. A survey by the French Institute of Public Opinion found that on average, people in France say they've had sexual partners ( for men, for women). And while this figure varies depending on the social class and the age of people interrogated (young urban people, for example, are way above the national average), the results show one common theme—men always say they've had more sexual partners than women.

After finding a baby outside an orphanage, a salesgirl receives sympathy from those around her, including her boss' son, as they all assume the baby is hers.

Taken - And They SleptTaken - And They SleptTaken - And They SleptTaken - And They Slept