Joey "the don" donatello don the phatheadz 3

Anthony Shaw – background vocals
Paul Knegten – percussion
Mike Hari – saw
Megan Cahill – Rat-Man's temptress
Art Auerbach – "neurons in the earthbrain"
Doug McBride – programming, backwards acoustic guitar, ebow , tambourine , mouth percussion
Noble Hibbs – programming, background vocals
Eric Remshneider – cello
Matt Lewis – trumpet

In 2000, Monovox earned a $250,000 recording contract through the Internet record label , founded by Jerry Harrison of the Talking Heads. (Wired News 08/01/2000) The highest rated song of the thousands of songs on the website, "First Time", was penned by Schaeffer and recorded by Monovox that year along with twelve additional tracks which would become the band's first and only full length album as Monovox. Garageband Records dissolved with the dot-com bust in 2001 and the self-titled album was not released until later, under the band's own "Ask A Chimp" label. * [4]